7AM Cruise with FMYC

A very easy cruise on June 20, all on wide open waters with some islands to see and just a little detour to see a nice antique Greek port! We begin at the Atanua Marina and finish at Flying Manta Yacht Club for the 9:00AM party!

Welcome to the E.S.A & SUMMER SAILSTICE cruise.

Details for today are as follows :

MEETING POINT is the Atanua Marina Rez Zone: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Atanua/35/230/22
The rez zone is small; please rez your boat and then move quickly to the area near the blue and white buoy.

CRUISE ID : ESA-C-5 (map below)

SUGGESTED WIND DIRECTION: Southwest (225 degrees)


TRAPNAV ID: ESA-C-5 (Beginners: you don’t need this navigation aid to cruise, but ask an inworld sailor about it.)

STARTING TIME: 7:00AM SLT (but you can do it on your own anytime)

MAP: See below

AFTER CRUISE PARTY PLACE: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Port%20Victoria%20Isle/163/101/22

Please prefer cruise boats to race ones, as it’s a cruise and not a race.
I strongly recommend you to buy a rez zone locator for less than 50L$ on MP as it can be very handy.

I also recommend you to come at least 10 minutes before we go.

Fair winds 😉