NOTICE OF RACE: The SL Novice Regatta


AS OF 1500 HOURS ON THURSDAY JUNE 18, 10 SPACES ARE TAKEN, LEAVING ONLY TEN MORE! If you are interested in participating in this Regatta, read this material and follow the instructions to sign up.

TO ENTER THIS RACE AND RECEIVE YOUR FREE BANDIT 22LTE BOAT: Download and read the PDF files. Then login to SL and contact Rei Innoue or Cryptic. (New to SL: in your viewer hit CTRL-F on your keyboard to open SEARCH. Type one of those names in the Search box and hit Enter, then click on the name to open their profile. There is a SEND MESSAGE button in the Profile window.)

OFFICIAL NOTICE OF RACE: Download this PDF file. For those of you who are racers in real life, nearly everything in here should be very familiar. Sailors will receive sponsorship from boatwright Bandit in the form of the Bandit 22 LTE yacht for the purpose of participating in this regatta. No fees are required for entering Second Life, registering for Summer Sailstice, receiving the boat or entering this regatta. (See photo of the Bandit 22LTE below.)

ADJUSTED SAILING RULES OF RACING: Download this PDF file. Second Life racing follows the same rules as those promulgated by World Sailing, with necessary adjustments for the technology of Second Life. For any racer, these should be familiar to you.


COURSE MAP: Download large image here or just view below:

The Bandit 22LTE built especially for Summer Sailstice 2020!