N+K Isabela-Class Galeon Launches at Expo

Official Launch Party is scheduled for Tuesday June 21 at 11:30 AM at the N+K exhibit at our Nautical Expo! We’ve got DJ Arcangelo for the party, and you can TOUR THE SHIP here at the dock! The shipbuilder sent us this information to share with all our sailors:

Like all N+K ships, the Isabela features a unique Sailing Engine & Combat System for historical sailing ships, developed by N+K, a WWC Windsetter and our own unique Tradewinds varying wind engine. It is compatible with the latest version of GTFO to allow for trading and transporting goods all around SL.

To customize your ship, we provide a detailed HUD for changing the ship’s appearance, including several historical flags and predefined paint schemes, as well as an option to create your own paint scheme, choose a name and even create your own flag.

Uniquely, our combat engine allows for fighting anywhere in SL, as it needs no rez rights and does not litter sims with cannon-balls. RL tallship-sailors have confirmed, the sailing engine is a close approximation to “the real thing”.  

Background Info:  

The Isabela Class is not a typical Spanish Galleon by construction, but rather a Pinas-Ship of Dutch origin (a later, more developed type of Galleon). Its key features are its particularly low draft, allowing it to enter even shallow harbours, and its high masts. The hull construction is more homogeneous compared to older Galleon types, as both the forecastle and the quarterdeck are well incorporated into the overall hull.

Ships of this type were in use roughly between 1620 and 1720, and served various purposes. The Isabela-Class has 32 guns, and is well suited to privateering, trading and even serving as a warship in a naval context.