SL Sailing Photos

Some photos of SL sailing locations are on this page. Find photos from the 2020 Sailstice event on our SailVirtual Flickr page!

And please enter your own best nautical photos in our photo contest and exhibition! Full details on “The Gentle Breath of Scripts” are here; deadline is June 13 2021!

Boardsailing in SL!
Bandit sloops lined up at the start line in the North Sea
We party in SL, with live musicians or DJs in their homes!
Here’s how it looks in the cockpit, with instruments telling you the boom angle, apparent wind direction, wind speed and boat speed
Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico is the official location for our Summer Sailstice event. On the right is the actual Progreso lighthouse built in 1893. On the left, the SL replica built in 2020 by RJ Kikuchiyo at the Danshire Yacht Club, especially for our event.