Summer Sailstice in SL


This is the 20th year for Summer Sailstice (SS), and it has always been about getting people OFF their computers and ON the water in sailboats!

But this year, in many communities, exactly the opposite is true. Probably the best thing you can do is to stay home. What better time to try virtual sailing?

SS in SL is officially registered as a Summer Sailstice Event, and you’ll find our signup page right right HERE:
You can go to that page, register for it, and you’re in! (All of this is FREE, by the way.)

If you’re already a sailor in SL, register on the Sailstice site and then send an IM to me (Dale Irata in SL) inworld and ask to join the SS in SL group! You’ll get notices of activities as we get closer to June 20.

(A privacy note: I’ve been in their database since 2011. I have never been spammed from there; I do receive the annual announcements of the upcoming Sailstice events, but that’s all.)

Nantucket Yacht Club, rebuilt in 2018

What does it mean to join a Sailstice Event?

Joining a Sailstice event means that, on June 20, you’re going to participate. In other years that meant going out on a sailboat, or maybe being part of an event at a yacht club or some other organization.

This year, many of those events are going to be online, using Zoom or other social channels. But with SS in SL, we have the best possible virtual sailing experience! Planning is just starting, but there could be races, cruises, parties–anything you can imagine that takes place on, in or near the water.

Party at Nantucket Yacht Club in April 2020

What you’ll need to participate

First you need to Register for Summer Sailstice in Second Life, at that link above.

Then, you need a Second Life account, and to load the Second Life (or compatible) software on your computer (PC, Mac or Linux). You can create your account at .

Once you’ve done that, you can come in and explore Second Life! There are some excellent videos produced by Linden Lab (the owners of SL) and by many SL sailors and other residents; watch for those to come soon!