Nautical Exposition

So much more than a Boat Show!

The Exposition runs ALL WEEK from June 13 through 21 at Cloud 9. Teleport (Merfolk: use this Teleport link to land underwater)

The Expo takes three SL regions to handle everything, and we thank Surreal Estates for the space and amazing work by their staff!

11 JUNE UPDATE: You must visit the Exposition if only to see the build itself! And don’t miss the amazing SL Sailing History Museum inside the big Bandit/TMS pavilion!

Here’s the list of exhibitors:

  • Berth 1: Red Flag Shipyard
  • Berth 2: B’s Painted Fantasies
  • Berth 3: BBX Designs
  • Berth 4: Llauts Mariner
  • Berth 5: Endeavour Yachts
  • Berth 6 Cloud 9: Lami & Ivy, Kim’s Little Sailing Store, Flying Fizz, Dieskay
  • Berth 7: Southmoor Paints
  • Berth 8: L&S
  • Berth 9: N&K Ships
  • Berth 10: Yacht clubs, Cruising groups, Marinas and Coast Guard groups
  • Berth 11: Hunter Marine
  • Berth 12: Shippie & Saille
  • Berth 13: The Moth Shop
  • Berth 14: Free Stars
  • Berths 15 to 18: Bandit, The Mesh Shop, W.A.L.T., Broken Butterfly Business, Tinuviel’s Paintjobs, Ali’s Boat Paint Shop, FHD Design
  • Berth 19: Celtica Nautic

Did you know Cloud 9 is a real place in the Fiji Islands? Here’s the Google Satellite photo.

The real world Cloud 9 Floating Platform in Fiji at left, and our SL one
(with the helipad) at the right.