Nautical Exposition 2021

So much more than a Boat Show! The Exposition runs FRIDAY THRU MONDAY June 18 through 21 at Cloud 9. Teleport (Merfolk: use this Teleport link to land underwater) The Expo takes a lot of ocean real estate to handle everything, and we thank Surreal Estates for the space and amazing work by their staff! […]

Sailstice for the Merfolk

Summer Sailstice in SL invites the entire mer community to join us for fun TODAY JUNE 19! Mers are welcome to swim with the cruisers and check out the parties and concerts as well. Especially don’t miss the great Sails & Tails Party at Nantucket Park at 5PM! (Click the image at the right for […]

Info for Real Life YC Officers and Members

What could your real life (RL) yacht club do?  If your area is no longer under quarantine or lockdown and it’s safe to sail, go sailing!! Sign up for Summer Sailstice and have an event of your own. But if you might have some extra time, or perhaps you want a hedge against bad weather, […]