Learn to Sail in SL!


We made some tutorials especially for new people coming into SL and needing a fast track to sailing. These by no means tell you everything you need for a full-featured virtual life, but they should get you into SL and onto the water!

  • Tutorial 1: creating your SL account and first avatar, finding a boat, rezzing it inworld, getting aboard, and learning to drive it. 40 slides.
  • Tutorial 2: getting a real sailboat (with sails that have to be trimmed properly), navigating. 17 slides.
  • Tutorial 3: “getting social” with Groups, Yacht Clubs, Friends; how to get involved in racing and cruising, learning to send and accept Friend and Teleport requests, and signing up for Sailstice in SL!. 21 slides.

YouTube Videos

Other SL Sailing Websites

  • Big Sailing in Second Life blog is a bit dated but still has a ton of great information in it.
  • The Free Spirit Cup is the “SL ultimate match racing competition.” The third annual competition is just finishing up in SL as I write this in mid-April 2020.
  • North Sea Racing posts events and information for sailors who enjoy this area including the North Sea, Eden and the Fruit Islands.
  • Nantucket Yacht Club is a new site, still under construction, from one of the original clubs in Second Life.
  • Orcaflotta’s Blog covers everything in SL. That link will “pre-search” on the word “sailing.”