Planned Sailstice Events

THESE EVENTS ALL HAPPENED ON JUNE 20, 2020. Summer Sailstice 2020 is now over, but this page will show you what took place on that day, and will be a reminder of the possibilities for next year!

All times are SLT (Second Life Time) which is the same as California (Pacific Daylight Time). Colors show you Races, Cruises, Parties and longer Events.

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  • ALL WEEK Nautical Exposition at the Cloud 9 Floating Platform of the Flying Manta Yacht Club (will be there June 13 thru 21) More information Teleport Teleport (merfolk)
  • 24-HOUR Camping and Dances Sat & Sun — Rez your boat for free all weekend at Malolo Island Marina More info Teleport
  • 5:00AM Cruise with the Rainbow Sails Yacht Club Teleport
  • 7:00AM Cruise with Flying Manta Yacht Club. More info Teleport
  • 9:00AM DJ Dance Party at Flying Manta Yacht Club Teleport
  • 10:00AM Bandit 25R Race at Triumphal Yacht Club Teleport
  • 10:00AM Corona Cup SRV210 motorboat racing at Starboards Yacht Club More Info
  • 11:00AM Nacra 17 Race at Nantucket Yacht Club
  • 12:00 Noon Queen Tribute Concert and Second Sailstice Novice Regatta Kickoff Party in the North Sea Teleport / Teleport (merfolk)
  • 12:00 Noon Shields Class Race at Triumphal Yacht Club Teleport
  • 1:00PM Leeward Cruising Club Cruise starting from Malolo Island; ending at Nantucket Yacht Club Teleport
  • 1:00PM Second Sailstice Novice Regatta preparation time in The North Sea (Registrants will receive TP information)
  • 1:00PM Party at Wicked Good Beach near Nantucket YC: Teleport / Teleport (merfolk)
  • 2:00PM to 4:00PM Second Sailstice Novice Regatta in the North Sea
    • This series is especially for new SL sailors, and a free boat–the brand new Bandit 22 LTE–will be provided for eligible sailors! You won’t be on the course with folks who’ve been here before, so come out and have a really fun time! You must visit this page and download the Notice of Race, SL Racing Rules and the Course Map. Then contact Rei Inoue, Analyse Dean or Cryptic Resident inworld to sign up! SPECATORS Teleport Here
  • 4:00PM to 5:00PM Second Sailstice Novice Regatta Afterparty in the North Sea
  • 5:00PM to 7:00PM Sails and Tails Party (all sailors and merfolk invited) with DJ Night in and under Nantucket Park Teleport (dance floor) Teleport (merfolk)

Planning is happening for some beginner sailing classes or other kinds of help from SL experience sailors. We’re waiting to see what the response from real world sailors is to this event.

Here’s the 7:00AM cruise submitted by the Flying Manta Yacht Club. To get the scale, every little square island you see is 256 meters square. That’s a good long and fun trip!