2022 Malolo Island Marina Events

By Maximos Slade, Malolo Island Marina

Welcome to this years Summer SAILtice event on Malolo Island Marina 2022.
17 June Through the 19th of June. Teleport to all events here


Malolo Island will be hosting a boat camping event that will consist of free boat placement anywhere on all 3 sims we have. These sims include Remire Isle, Malolo Island and Poivre Isle. (See maps at the bottom of this page.)
Come on down and enjoy parties and events from the 17th of June until the evening of the 19th!


During this event you will be able to rezz and moor on Malolo Island Marina anywhere that is free. Only one stipulation!! Do not block any of the channels or access ways. Also do not block current rental boat slips. Any boat slip that is currently listed as available is free game for this weekend for use by anyone free of charge but tips are welcome if you wish. Last but not least this is a boat camp which means if you are not on your boat for an extended period of time (i.e. 2 hours or more) your boat can be returned to make room for others who want to enjoy the fun of camping out on Malolo Island Marina the way it is meant to be. Message any staff member for any issues or concerns. We don’t return boats or items unless absolutely necessary ie prims in danger of running out.

During this weekend we will have live singers and DJs playing throughout the weekend. Be sure to request a group invite by Maximos Slade, Victoria Chrome or Angeleyes McMasters to stay abreast of the events that will be going on.

We have 4 sims dedicated to an Italian based theme with roads, restaurants, horseback riding and scenic views all for your enjoyment. We also have a race track up in the sky for those who wish some excitement and to try and beat the best lap times. We do have a race scheduled provided by fast but cute tuning with prizes. Check out the event schedule for times.

Maximos Slade, Victoria Chrome and Angeleyese McMasters will be on site to direct traffic and manage sim resources as things develop.

We have 13 docks open for anyone to use for the weekend on the transient docks where all the singers and DJs will be playing while supplies last so get here fast to secure your spot. See the map of the marina below so you can see where things are and feel free to explore. The Marina will be open all weekend long for anyone. Again please be courteous and find a spot that doesn’t obstruct passage of boats throughout the marina. Boat camping does not not start on Malolo until 8 am SLT on the 17th and goes through until 11:59pm on the 19th.

Water Taxi Service:

Unity Airlines will be providing water taxi service from Malolo Island Marina to the FMYC nautical expo all weekend long starting on Friday the 17th until Sunday evening of the 19th. Unity will also provide water taxi service to anywhere on the connected sailing sims to Malolo by request. Please let your driver know where you would like to go. Boat taxis are free but tips are welcome.

Sailing grid drives:

Grid Drivers will be hosting a grid sail to Malolo Island Marina on the 17th starting at 6pm. Please check with the grid drivers group for information to join the sail.

Leeward Cruising Club will be doing their Saturday the 18th sail into Malolo Island Marina starting at 1:00pm SLT. Please check with the LCC sailing group for information to join their sail.

On Sunday June 19, Grid Drivers will be doing a grid sail departing Malolo for those that will to continue on after the festival is over at 6 pm SLT

We are also have the SLCS Cheerleaders doing their famous group skit for our enjoyment assisted by Luke Flywalker on the music and followed up by Billy Bob’s Psychedelic Underground Tribute band with Kalaca’s Light and particle show.

You don’t want to miss any of this! We have put together one of the best events on planet Second life for you all to enjoy. So come on down to Malolo Island Marina for this year’s Summer SAILstice event!!

Thank you all and hope you will enjoy this fun filled event and please come back and visit Malolo Island Sims anytime.


  • Maximos Slade, Owner of Malolo Island Marina
  • Ina Docherty, General Manager
  • Victoria Chrome, General Manager
  • Angeleyes McMasters, Staff

Marina Welcome Center SLurl: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Malolo%20Island/235/143/24

FULL THREE-DAY SCHEDULE (DOWNLOAD as a printable text file here.)

17th – FRIDAY

10 am Mavenn (Singer)
11 am Ugly Bill (Singer)
12 pm Rogue Galaxy (Singer)
1 pm Jive Dryke (Singer)
2 pm DJ Lucio (DJ)
4pm DJ Luke Flywalker (DJ)
6 pm SLCS Cheerleaders (1 hour set ) (Perfomers) Grid Drivers Sail in & Party with DJ Luke Flywalker
7pm Billy Bob’s Psychedelic Underground Tribute Band with Kalaca’s Light and Particle Show


10 am Mavenn (Singer)
11 am Ugly Bill (Singer)
12 pm Zoree Jupiter (Singer)
1 pm Dorian Kash (Singer) LCC Sailing group sail starts
2-5 pm Soteria Frostbite (DJ)
5 pm Valentino (Singer)
6 pm SLCS Cheerleaders (1 hour set ) (Performers)
DJ Luke Flywalker

19th – SUNDAY

9 am Rachel Stardust Cute but fast Tuning race.
10 am Brenna (Singer)
11 am Back to back Solo and dual Streaming Duet Performances
Remy Farman (Singer) Duet
12 pm Zoree Jupiter (Singer) Duet
1 pm Mavenn (Singer)
2 pm Jack Dryden (Singer)
3 pm Jaquee Parx (Singer)
4 pm Soteria Frostbite (DJ)
5 pm SLCS Cheerleaders (1 hour set ) (Performers)
6 pm Luke Flywalker (DJ) Grid Drivers sail out begins.


MALOLO ISLAND MARINA MAP (scroll down for Camping Regions Detail Map)