Info for Real Life YC Officers and Members

What could your real life (RL) yacht club do? 

If your area is no longer under quarantine or lockdown and it’s safe to sail, go sailing!! Sign up for Summer Sailstice and have an event of your own. But if you might have some extra time, or perhaps you want a hedge against bad weather, encourage your members to come join us! Register for our event at the Summer Sailstice Website.

  • Learn to sail virtually. No matter how good a sailor you are, you’ll still find challenges and fun on the oceans and channels in the SL world. The boats are incredibly complex, reading winds, currents and even the position of other boats who might be wind-shadowing you.
  • Make some new friends. You’re not sailing against a computer-generated opponent, nor on a gaming company-built boat. Every sailor is a human, and every boat was built by one of them. They are all very interesting people to get to know, and they’re all over the world.
  • Explore the rest of SL.  There is far more to Second Life than just the sailing community. Tens of thousands of people are in there every day, doing every activity you can imagine. Creative people make virtual things to sell, educators experiment with new ways to teach, photographers and videographers practice their art, and much more. Fact is, you’ll never see it all.
  • Have a club cruise!  If you get some folks to learn basic sailing ahead of June 20, set up a cruise from from one SL yacht club to another one (maybe one that’s having a party).
  • Take some pictures!  Second Life is very photogenic. Take a look at these photos on Flickr.
  • Check out the boats! We all love looking at boats, and you’ll be amazed at how some of these look, inside and out. Some builders specialize in classics, others with ultramodern designs. (SL had its own official Americas Cup during the one in San Francisco.)

Why is our event located in Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico?   That’s where your organizer Dave Bloch (Dale Irata in SL) lives.  The Google Map marker on our Sailstice page is our protected harbor.  Dave learned to sail on lakes in the Sierra Nevada of northern California, and on San Francisco Bay.